7th International Gathering of Wilderness Guides

The 7th International Gathering of Wilderness Guides will take place
September 10 - 17, 2017 in the beautiful Königsdorf, Bavaria, Germany.

To see pictures and get more information about the venue, use the link below:


Registration will start in January, for more information email:  ig2017@visionssuche.net

Below is a letter with more details on the gathering, sent out by the International Gathering Team in April of 2016.  This webpage will be updated with information about the gathering as it become available.

From the 2017 International Gathering Committee:

Dear Colleagues worldwide!

I write to you on behalf of the group that is preparing for the “7th International Gathering” in Germany in 2017. We have met to discuss the main goals for this gathering and the topics that are currently alive for us, and that we hope to share with all of you.

We would like to find out from you, what topics and/or experiences would make you want to come to the 7th International Gathering? What are the things you would like to see and experience here?

We would like to receive your feedback as soon as possible, ideally by early May 2016, to include it in our planning process.

In our view, the gathering first of all should give us the opportunity to meet on a personal level, to get to know each other more deeply, and to share the experience of our common work. There should also be a chance to learn from each other’s experience, and to share new developments in the Rites of Passage work.

In this context, we would like to ask you to reflect on which questions and topics are currently at the forefront in your country in regards to Vision Quest work. In other words: What is alive and present in you right now, what are you bringing with you?

Please send these topics and questions to us so we can bring them into the Gathering, and share and discuss them using the collective intelligence of the whole network.

We in Germany are currently heavily confronted with the “Refugee-Crisis”, which divides society into two fractions: One that welcomes the foreign refugees in an attempt to help against global injustice and violence. Another that is afraid of the foreign influence and wants to close all borders and prevent all cultural mixing. We would like to take up this topic, and to collectively explore what it is like to have to find a new identity in a new place far from home, when the old has been left behind, and there is a transition to something new that is not there yet. That refugee subject seems to be something where we as Rites of Passage guides, with our experience with transitions in identity, may be able to contribute. So the subject, we would like to bring in would circle around “home”, “cultural identity”, “sense of belonging”, and “connectedness.”

Secondly, we would like to use the International Gathering to make our approach more well known to the public, particularly to the scientific communities around education, psychology and social work. And we would also like to get some coverage about modern Rights of Passage work into the media.

Therefore we are considering a kind of “Conference Day” embedded in the Gathering. We would invite interested visitors from the outside for this day, and provide joint exercises, lectures and discussions, where we can present our international work with Rights of Passage for young people in general and for “Youth at Risk” more specifically. We are still in the beginning steps with Youth Work in Germany, but we hope that colleagues from South Africa and the USA will be able to contribute here.

Please feel invited to contribute to this conference day, and let us know, in what way you would like to present your work. This conference day and your participation could also be the basis for your initiative to apply for public funds in the German-speaking countries.

We would like to make this Gathering into a collective networking experience that contributes to very real transformation of community and individuals, and we look forward to your help and participation!

Please spread this letter in your national Vision Quest scene and send your feedback by the beginning of the month of May to this email address: ig2017@visionssuche.net

Thanks a lot for your cooperation!
Geseko (for the German Team)

Internal strength is an absorption of the external landscape. We are informed by beauty, raw and sensual.

Terry Tempest Williams