The Four Shields of Human Nature in Changing Times (New Location! - Full with Waitlist)

Sep 26th, 2020 - Oct 1st, 2020
Ojai, CA

The understanding that human nature is part of nature was pan-culturally rooted in civilizations around the world for most of our human history on the Earth. It was only two thousand years ago that the rise of Judeo-Christian values began to re-position humans outside of nature, laying the foundations for a powerful system of beliefs that would frame humans as separate from and superior to the non-human world.

Since then, cultures and ecosystems around the world have been affected by the widespread consequences of domination over nature.  Reducing the reciprocal human relationship with the living world around us to one sided and merciless exploitation of “natural resources” has not only brought our world to the brink of destruction, it has also left many bereft of resources, fundamental civil rights, and a sense of kinship with all parts of creation. Most modern humans have been orphaned from the innate intimate connection to life that allows one to belong, to be held, to be at home. 

The teaching of the four shields, a medicine wheel about the movement of human nature within the greater creation wheel, has held and informed the bare bones of School of Lost Borders programs for over 30 years. Its simple but profound invitation is to reconnect with the instinctual nature beneath our civilized skin (South Shield), to meet and heal forward the wounds that shape our psyche and ancestral memory (West Shield), to track and navigate the amazing maze of the human mind (North Shield), and to open to the wild mystery of spirit (East Shield).


As the pandemic continues to rock, level, and crack us open with fierce determination, this program offers an opportunity to create space for personal and collective inquiry, mark change, walk with deep questions, release outgrown identites and listen for a new call in the confluence of this time.

Our daily flow will alternate time in circle, and teachings about each shield with solo time on the earth, sharing and mirrosing of stories from the land.  Prior exposure to the Four Shield System is helpful but not required.  

Please Note that the sliding scale for this program is $1 - $700.

All proceeds from this program will go as donations to the School of Lost Borders to support the ongoing sustainability of the School in this time.

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