Walking Into That Good Night: Exploring Our Relationship with Dying and Death (Cancelled)

Jul 12th, 2020 - Jul 18th, 2020
Meredith Little


A place to stay untouched by death
Does not exist.
It does not exist in space, it does not exist in the ocean,
Nor if you stay in the middle of a mountain.
-- The Buddha
"Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the path. Until you have developed this awareness, all other practices are useless."
-- the Dalai Lama
Physical death is the ultimate rite of passage that we are preparing for on some level throughout our life. Sometimes this “preparing” looks like denial; sometimes sudden illness or life-threats surprise us into looking squarely at the inevitable truth. The more consciously we can turn our attention to our mortality, the more able we are to turn our life’s focus toward that which truly matters to us during this one precious lifetime. 
In today’s world we carry the challenge and opportunity of making important health decisions with modern medical advances. This changes what our “dying” may look like, and necessitates significant conversations with our loved ones, as well as soul searching within ourselves. Some of the questions that arise may be: how do these decisions affect my loved ones? what are my biggest fears?, my greatest hopes?, what is my relationship with chosen death or suicide at a certain point in my dying process?, how much am I in control?, and how does the certainty of my own mortality inform my living and even infuse my life with meaning and beauty?
There is no final answer to these and many more fertile questions, rather an opportunity to deepen our organic, creative relationship with death that matures as we do. We will come together and be in conversation with the land, each other, and ourselves about our mortality, expectations and fears, relationship with mystery and the unknown.  We will individually discover what arises from the tension of being life-filled, while inevitably walking toward our death.
Night walks under a darkening sky will be the solo time each day, culminating in an overnight solo. During this time you will explore and cultivate your own personal tools for walking in the darkness.
We will also have the wonderful addition and support of mask-maker, elder, guide, and wildly creative friend Joyce Harvey-Morgan, who will be bringing into our week the ceremonial making and decorating of our Death Masks, which can be initiated in the night.


Program information: We will meet at 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 12 at our basecamp up in the White Mountains where we will camp together for the week. Each day we will meet to listen to the stories brought back from the night walk solos, and we will sit in council to explore our relationship with death/life. A more detailed logistical letter will be sent out a few months before we meet in the Owens Valley. We will finish by noon on Saturday, July 18th..
Please note that the School makes no provisions for meals or equipment, though we will provide a group kitchen with stoves, pots, pans and bowls, and utensils.  We ask everyone to come prepared to live self-sufficiently, though the group may spontaneously choose to prepare meals together.  More detailed logistical information will be sent out a few months before the course begins.    
A note to people with limited wilderness experience: Though we will be camping out for the entire week, activities undertaken will be non-strenuous and our emphasis will always be “safety first.” We will provide a list of personal equipment that each participant should bring and we will also provide some group equipment for our base-camp. We may be able to loan limited personal equipment as needed and if we are unable, we can provide advice about what to purchase or rent.


“’The School of Lost Borders’ is an equal opportunity provider and operates under permit on the Inyo National Forest.” 

The School of Lost Borders has created a sliding scale for all its programs and trainings in an effort to keep our courses affordable to a wide range of people. We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what they feel is appropriate.

Scholarships are available.

Tuition: $700 - $1250

Deposit: $300
(Non-refundable & non-transferrable unless seminar is cancelled)

Extra Fees: $25 camping fee


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