Red Nose Quest: A Clown Journey in the Wilderness (Full with waiting list)

Jul 21st, 2018 - Jul 26th, 2018
Daniela Maiwald, Eric de Bont

 We invite you to six days of laughter and tears, curiosity and playfulness, as we step into the unknown and the magical world of the clown.  As you risk coming out of your comfort zone, you will find yourself touching and being  touched, searching and discovering.  Together we will enter a landscape full of emotion, humor and poetry!

To come to your clown is a very personal, inner process.  People must show up as they are, “naked”, without defense, authentic.  Therefore they have to face what is between them and their clown, and often these are very strong personal themes, patterns, and habits, at the same place where the wounds, personal traumas and tragedies lie.
We are living in a society that is completely focused on success, control, competition and perfection. The paradox and the tragedy of the clown is that he succeeds where he doesn’t want to succeed, namely in his failure. The clown helps us to face these “failures”, the imperfection (of body, mind, spirit), and helps us laugh and transform them so that acceptance may find its place.  We can then find the treasures and uniqueness of ourselves in “these failures” so that they may become gifts.
The clown lives in the here and now, is completely present and open for the next adventure.
“Where is the party?”
We create conditions to become and BE clown by using essentials elements of energy work, haptonomy (science of touch), bodywork, movement, improvisation, play and creation. We take the path to the innocence we may have lost, back to our core, back to “who we are” without influence of society or others.  Touch the soul of your clown in the relationship to ALL you are, (body, mind, spirit).  Express your own inner freedom and “craziness”!
This course doesn’t have the aim of becoming a theatre clown. The intention of this journey is that through clown techniques you will touch your own innocence, wake up your vulnerability and transparency, stimulate your quality of curiosity, allow yourself to be in wonder without judgment, and improve your sensitivity, intuition and playfulness.  Break the walls of your defenses and from a deep inner “nakedness” share and communicate your emotions and feelings directly from out of your own heart without any fear.  Clown is all heart!  Clown is an art of being!
The workshop takes place in the White Mountains of the Eastern Sierra where we will share, explore & teach in circle, be on nature’s stage and do small medicine walks. The red nose of the clown is the smallest mask of the world.  This quest is for those who feel called to discover their own inner clown, and the medicine of allowing oneself to be a fool.  The aim of the red nose quest is to integrate and weave „clown medicine“ into your personal life (and improve your quality as a human being), and into your work (new tools for professionals as guides, trainees, teachers, psychologists, coaches, social workers, etc..).
“To us a clown is somebody sacred, funny, powerful, ridiculous, holy, shameful, visionary. He is all this and then some more. Fooling around, a clown is really performing a spiritual ceremony.”  --  John ( Fire) Lame Deer
Maximum number of participants:  16

What initiates us also strips us down to the inner essentials and releases qualities and powers that were hidden within.

Michael Meade