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Allies in the US and abroad

The School of Lost Borders is a university without walls, a school without borders. Although our headquarters have been in the Eastern Sierra of California for over 35 years, our courses can now be found in many locales - from Death Valley and the Rocky Mountains, to the moors and mountains of other continents. Over the years we have been touched by a social, cultural and ethnically diverse population of questers, trainees, colleagues, and friends. You can find some of them listed in the directories below.

World Nature Quest

Bud Wilson
[email protected]

Lost Borders International: The School holds the intent and promise that one day meaningful Rites of Passage will be available to all people worldwide. With the present state of our planet and the incredible challenges each individual faces it is very heartening to witness this ancient rite re-emerging globally. We are committed to supporting the continuation of this movement and to supporting and empowering guides and colleagues around the world.

  •  We offer scholarship support for school programs to people around the world who feel called to bring this work to their own people and culture. People from out-of-country who are interested in attending trainings here at the School and would like to learn more about scholarship possibilities, may contact [email protected] further information.
  • We invite guest teachers/guides, one each year, from outside our country to offer seminars that they have developed from their own cultural and personal perspective, in support of our individuals and trainees.
  • We respond to requests from other countries that would like our support to return wilderness rites of passage into their countries and cultures.  Contact us for suggested steps that we take in support of this, and how people from other countries might approach us.
  • We respond to requests for some Lost Borders guides to attend and/or speak at various conferences, seminars, cross-cultural events and gatherings around the world.
  • We are a supporting member of the Wilderness Guides Council, a diverse network of guides that began to form in 1988 by invitation of Steven Foster, Meredith Little and Ron Pevny, and is currently developing the first international online directory of wilderness rite of passage and earth-based programs.
  • We support and attend the Intercontinental/International Gathering of Wilderness Guides that our co-founder Steven Foster began in 2001, and continues to gather every other year in places like S. Africa, Black Forest, Ukraine, England, etc.


Beyond the Threshold

Beyond the Threshold: Glenis Taylor and Gary Williams
[email protected]
Perth, Western Australia

Beyond the Threshold was born from a cry of the wilderness heart. It is a rite of passage partnership based in Perth, Western Australia where we run two to three vision fasts (max 8 places per quest) from April through to October.For more information and fast times, email: [email protected] '

"Lose yourself over the dreamtime threshold, downunder"

Both Glenis Taylor and Gary Williams are experienced fast guides who have done their training and solo times with Rite of Passage Inc and the School of Lost Borders respectively.


Shambhala Wilderness School
[email protected]

The school was founded 1997 by Claudia R. Pichl, Franz P. Redl and Peter Wetzler (Austria). Our focus is on rites of passage work in various different settings: Vision Quest, 4 Shields and Medicine Wheel, Ceremonies of the 4 Shields, Mirroring, Sweatlodge, and a year-long group 'Spiraling to your Self'. We also train people in a very individual way to become Vision Quest guides (2 to 4 years). We offer seminars in: Austria, Italy, Sinai/ Egypt, Sahara / Libya and Southern Africa. We are teaching in the spirit of the "School of Lost Borders" and our own way of the heart and with the background of our long experience. We have sponsored Steven and Meredith, and now sponsor Meredith and Scott in Central Europe (Mirroring and Empowerment, and The Practice of Living and Dying).

[email protected]
Christian Kirchmair
Porzellangasse 49/2/2
A-1090 Wien · Österreich

Born 1956 in Vienna/Austria/Europe, father of three adults, 20 years self-employed, since 2005 vision-quest-guide and seminar facilitator in Vienna, AustriaSince 2005, he leads and organizes vision-quests and seminars for youth and adults as a self-employed seminar facilitator and in co-operation with other international institutes. Themes and groups specific for men are a major focus of his work.

Several journeys through Africa, India and Nepal led up to the foundation of a non-profit organization “people-together”, which organizes charity projects in different countries


  • Seminars at Aruna Institute in Germany 2003 to 2006
  • Vision-quest-guide training at School of Lost Borders in USA 2004 & 2005
  • Grief counselor training at a hospice in Vienna, Austria 2005

Czech Republic & Slovakia

The School of Human Nature - Jaroslava Vatay

[email protected]

Non-profit civic association, ICO: 01698184We also train people in a very individual way to become Vision Quest guides, with support of international Guides.We offer seminars in: Czech, Slovakia, UK and Europe. We are teaching in the spirit of the "School of Lost Borders" and sponsor Meredith Little, The Practice of Living and Dying.

The school was founded in 2012 by Jaroslava Vatay, Tomáš Tesař and Marta Halašová with help of Ondřej Nejezchleb and Betty Klusáčková. Our focus is on Rites of Passage work in various different settings: Vision Quest, 4 Shields and Medicine Wheel, Mirroring, Sweatlodge, The Way of Council, Youth Programmes and others.

England, UK

The Wisdom in Nature Network
[email protected]

The Wisdom in Nature Network is a resource for those interested in finding English speaking European rites of passage, quest and soul craft guides.


The European Council Network (ECN)
[email protected]

The European Council Network (ECN) connects people all over Europe, Israel and the Middle East as a whole, who practice council in their work and their life.This Website is a place where one can find local trainers and a schedule of events for each European community.

We want to expand and strengthen the field for council in Europe and help to bring council in groups, organisations, institutions, relationships, etc.


Sylvia Koch-Weser
[email protected]
Nuernberg, Germany

Sylvia is a biologist, and a Vision-Quest guide since 1999 with 4-5 Vision-Quest a year in the region of Sinai-desert, Croatia, Austrian Alpes and Canary Islands.  She supports people in their inner growth and in working with nature as a mirror of the soul.  Sylvia also offers trainings for Vision-Quest guides, and is co-author of the german book: "Vision-Quest: Alone in the Wilderness on the Way to Yourself".

The Eschwege Institut
[email protected]

The Eschwege Institut was founded by Holger & Gesa Heiten. Beside our own workshops and Vision Quests in the spirit of the School of Lost Borders, we offer training programs, team development and coaching in this spirit.  Our aim is to introduce “rites of passage work” to places where therapists, social workers and teachers work with others in transition crisis on a daily basis.

In this context we have seen the need for modern Mentors to guide others through the process of transition. Therefore we have created a special two year training program to explore the themes of mentoring and the diverse forms of rites of passage and the vision quest.  For this training we offer seminars that address special fields of this work, cooperating with a faculty of international teachers. We feel honored to sponsor staff from the School of Lost Borders.

European Guides Council
[email protected]

This is a good resource for exploring organizations offering Rites of Passage and trainings.

Republic of South Africa

Educo Africa
[email protected]

7 Dalegarth Rd.
Plumstead 7800
Republic of South Africa

Educo Africa makes use of the wildness found in deep mountains to encourage the growth of young people who are challenged by poverty and various social ills such as AIDS.  The mountains provide a reframing experience oftentimes moving the young person from cycles of despair to one of hope and aspiration.  The work of Educo Africa has particular emphasis on a concern for the environment, community building and cross cultural cooperation, while at the same time promoting the spirit of Ubuntu.

South Africa

Renaissance Business Associates
[email protected]

Judy Bekker and Valerie Morris have been guiding vision fasts in the Cape, South Africa since 1993. Their eleven day programs begin and end next to the Indian Ocean and the solo fast is set in a huge tract of private wilderness three hours out of Cape Town. The land is beautiful and generous and filled with the art of the bushman people who once roamed and hunted there. Judy and Valerie run up to four programs a year in the summer months between October and March.


[email protected]

Diana Bacanu and Xavier Compte are co-founders of Transalquimia, organization that promotes Nature Connection retreats (Rites of Passage, Deep Ecology, Forest Bathing / Shinrin-Yoku, Solitary retreats), as well as Body-Mind Connection retreats (Bioenergetics & Mindfulness).They offer different settings (small groups, solitary quests, from 4 to 12 days) in collaboration with other international guides and facilitators.

Trained with the School of Lost Borders, Diana and Xavi offer Rites of Passage work in Spanish, English and French, mainly in the Pyrenees, Montseny / Guilleries and Montsant National Parks in Spain.


Women and Earth
[email protected]

Women and Earth was founded in 1996 by Susann Belz. With a circle of different teachers from around the world, we offer many programs.  All the training's are earth-based teachings and have many different settings: Weekend Groups, Vision Fasts, week-long trainings in healing ways, and Rituals for the 8 Seasons.

The School is a place for women. Together we learn and grow, always in mind to what serves Mother Earth and all her beings who are a part of this great family.  A very important ingredient of the learning is living together during these seminars in a beautiful house just on the border of Switzerland and France - a chance to deal with our own borders and boundaries.


Georgiy Kushnir and Kateryna Babenko

[email protected]
Center "Istoki"

The word "istoki" means sources, beginnings.  Beginnings of life, knowledge, forces and spirit.  We invite people to find their answers and celebrate their changes iwth the help of the sources - wild nature, and ancient traditions.  Georgiy Kushnir and Kateryna Babenko, the leaders of Istoki and pioneers of rites of passage work in Ukraine, have been invited and supported by Keith Kilburn and School of Lost Borders.  Since 2005 they develop practices of rites of passage in Ukraine and Russia.

Istoki provides Vision Quest programs, sweat lodges, educational programs for future guides, workshops devoted to different rites of passage.  Istoki invites guides from different countries to lead seminars in Ukraine and to introduce this work to our people.