Testimonials: The Practice of Living & Dying

John, USA
During the last two months I have written letters of Thanks, Forgiveness, Asked for Forgiveness and said I love you. The process continues...

Penelope, USA
My journey through the dark night made me come out with it: I love the people I love, and I can't wait to be sure they will love me back.

Hannah, USA
My old defenses are gone, and I don't expect them to return. I'm learning to practice compassion and forgiveness every day, toward everyone... including myself."
Billy, USA
I know that I've opened up the most ancient layer of my life now, that I'll carry the long rainy night of dying on the mountain with me always, that I do remember, and that I carry the truth in my heart."
Jim, USA
I've been stunned by how deep the quest went, how deep a hold it really took in my being."
Juliana, USA
I keep coming back to the dream I had the final night ... I'm in my bed. My house has completely turned around. Everything has changed position. The beds have even been shifted in terms of what room they're in. It's like a great wind came through and shook everything up. Even the altar is broken, but the candle is still burning.
Hans, Germany
You always think you are gonna die. Now, with the impressions of Death Valley still fresh, something has changed. You become more enduring, you wait, you know that it is a phase that will be passed by
cautious steps."
S. African Zulu
This workshop was exceptional. We are products of apartheid education which was full of discrimination and evil... This workshop's difference was our own 'storytelling.' It gave me new modes of dealing with death and dying and motivated me to change my own life and approaches when it comes to my work.
S. African native AIDS worker
For me it was like we are depending on artificial things as compared to God's creation and nature. This program has equipped me with very important skills in dealing with real life, both mine and other people's, and will help strengthen them too in facing the reality of HIV/AIDS and death in holistic ways.
S. African native AIDS worker
In this workshop I was taught to forgive, to take care of myself and also to plan things, like talking about death which we don't like because of fear.
David, USA
Were my writing ability all that I would hope for I'd just go ahead and wax eloquent, type the amazing missive, turn the catchy phrase, spill the soulful ink, write like an emailing madman -- and let you know how much I appreciated the amazing week of gifts that I received from you, Scott, and from you, Meredith, and from the group that you two held so gently and strongly. And were I that writer this email would be a beauty, believe you me!.....because there was SO much material generated last week about love and soul and heart and feelings and courage and inspiration and magic and love and giving and joy and listening and tenderness and expression and integrity and love and skill and spirit and communication and forgiveness and freedom...and love.
I felt like I was experiencing humanity at the front edge of the development of our collective consciousness soul. I really think that we got to see/feel/hear/touch/experience the true beauty of the State of the Art in the development and evolution of Humanity...we got to wallow in the fulfilled potentiality of humans working individually and collectively towards the highest goal of serving one another in order to be served, in order to serve one another again at the next octave so that we could be served at the next octave. So much levity, so much transformation. It was alchemical.  
Your love and respect for each other was just there -- obvious and with no need for special attention. Just there as a truth, wreaking into our space. Your methodology has been simplified, even purified, so as to avoid the incredible number of pitfalls that await facilitators of groups in search of deep personal meaning. So smooth, so rare. And you both have done such beautiful work on yourselves to know how to be comfortable enough in your own personality styles to get empty and be totally available moment by moment -- rare again. (And you could even cop to it when you weren't present, and do so with humor and graciousness in those times too! Lovely.)  And those elements combined, running simultaneously and parallel is even more rare these days, to be sure. But alas, worry not that in holding you in such high esteem I have you on a walk-on-the-water-pedestal; I don't ... I just love and appreciate you both. But I can't help but see what I saw and I didn't observe it casually. It was a gift. And the coolest part for me was that the process allowed me to have an experience of that and be aware of it, AND still have an incredible experience that did a shake, rattle and roll right down to the very foundations of my soul, down to my emotional, historical, deeply rutted, familial, psychological, spiritual, addictive core. oooof-ta!!


Internal strength is an absorption of the external landscape. We are informed by beauty, raw and sensual.

Terry Tempest Williams