a Report from the School's Coronavirus Response Council

When the world turned upside down back in early March 2020, we at the School of Lost Borders (SOLB) - like so many organizations - found ourselves staring at a wave of questions and considerations that were well outside of anything we'd faced before. We're sure each of you can relate in your own ways. In response, SOLB created the Coronavirus Response Council ("the CRC") to attempt some sense-making out of the rapidly changing information.

In spite of all the challenges we were immensely grateful to offer many of our programs at half capacity during the summer and fall. It was validating that the protocols put in place only seemed to strengthen a container of care amongst participants. It was also reassuring, through the returning of fasters awash with awe and life-altering insights, that the ceremony and the land seemed undaunted by the changes…perhaps expanding to hold us closer… even as we had to physically move further away from one another.

Beginning in January, the CRC began meeting again to review the current terrain as SOLB enters a new season of programs. SOLB continues to stand by the safety of participants as well as the communities we operate in, including considerations for responsible travel, personal safety needs of guides, and compliance with federal, state and county ordinances (to name just a few!).   

While we had to cancel February and March programs we are encouraged as spring emerges warmer temps will drive cases down and provide greater clarity about upcoming offerings. We will continue to keep an eye on state and federal policy changes, rapid testing and vaccination considerations as well as ongoing safety including staying abreast of local emergency resources where programs are offered. Feel free to reach out with any questions and please visit our website for the latest information about programs to come!

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Our commitment to the safety vow has long been the container that allows everything we do to flourish and thrive. We remain in solidarity with all of humanity in expanding this call to care for the safety, health and well-being of the collective.  With this in mind the School's COVID Backcountry Protocols, last updated in September, continues to stand and will be updated as needed. You can access it here through this link.  


Covid Backcountry Protocols 9.25.20.pdf

Most importantly our hearts are with you and in the spirit of trusting the ceremony... trust when the conditions are right, we will circle in the desert and mountains once more.  

We do not go into the desert to escape

people but to learn how to find them:
we do not leave them in order to have

nothing more to do with them,
but to find out the way
to do them the most good.

Thomas Merton-