Designing and Giving ROP Context and Content to a Youth Program – November 2015 – Gigi Coyle

 1. Consider Youth Passageways as a primary resource. Their mandate is to support Youth Rights of Passages initiatives and the growing network of affiliated work.

Review all partners on their website ( and the many programs therein (
Contact Darcy Ottey: ([email protected]) and Dane Zahorsky ([email protected]).
2. Warrior Films -- Film and curriculum available
Contact Frederick Marx ([email protected]) and his people.
3. Organizations and  places with experience in bringing ROP to youth
with nature connected ways/ceremonies/teachings/passages/programs.
*School of Lost Borders –  Siri Gunnarson, Will Scott , Larry Hobbs (brings ROP to 4H), Pedro McMillan in St. Louis, Ruth Wharton, Trebbe Johnson.
*The Ojai Foundation – - Judy Piazza , Alexis Slutsky, and other Youth Leaders
*Center for Advancement of Youth, Family and Community - - David Blumenkrantz
*Weaving Earth – - Will Scott, Lauren Dalberth Hage, Dave Hage
Golden Bridge – - Melissa Michaels (dance and movement-based)
Generation Waking Up – - Joshua Gorman
Beyond Boundaries –   
4. Learn about mentoring programs:
Shade Tree Multi-Cultural Center - Orland Bishop
Art of Mentoring – - Jon Young
Bioneers – - Shay Sloan (Youth Program & council)
5. Look at community centers/social justice centers, etc., in other cities
Chuco Justice in LA for example -
                                              A Few General Suggestions
Clarify your intention and vision early on.
Learn and deepen exploration of the work you want to share.
Ø See our ‘Coming of Age In The Wilderness” Film and Study Guide for discussion prompts. (Lost Borders Press)
Focus on relationships...success depends on the people involved, their care, passion, understanding, commitment, dedication, and continuity. Success depends on the relationships you will build, model, and share with the youth.
Use your time with referrals and contacts wisely.
Involve potential funders early on, seeing them as financial allies and partners who share your vision.
As you are planning/visioning, whatever your time frame, make sure you have a good facilitator - to present, and create a good field for listening - learn from each other, record, and report. Contact,, 

No yearning for an afterlife,
no looking beyond,
no belittling of death,
but only longing for what belongs to us
and serving earth, lest we remain unused.

Ranier Maria Rilke