Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide Training - Australia (Full with waitlist)

Nov 21st, 2020 - Dec 4th, 2020
Ruth Wharton, Larry Hobbs
[email protected]

Wilderness Rites of Passage have been practiced in cultures around the world as a way to celebrate and transition from one phase of life to the next - to leave behind what no longer serves and step into life as it is now. These can be developmental phases of life, like moving from adolescence to adulthood, or the many other transitions we face throughout our lives. In this modern day, there is much value in returning to wild places to remind us that as humans we are deeply connected to and part of nature. Just as the seasons shift, we too have profound changes in our lives that are calling out to be recognized through ceremony and marked with clear intention. We are able to see ourselves and be seen in profound and accepting ways when we are witnessed by others as well as mirrored by the natural world.

This experiential training will support you in learning the bare bones of this ancient and yet modern ceremony. You will learn how to prepare and support people in creating meaningful and powerful wilderness rites of passage and incorporate the experience back into the community. This training is taught by Ruth Wharton and Larry Hobbs who bring with them decades of guiding and training experience through the School of Lost Borders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reintroducing Rites of Passage around the world for more than 40 years.

This training will focus on the following topics:
*Council Practices and Creating a Safe and Inclusive Container
*4 Shields of Human Nature Teaching
*Screening and Preparation of participants
*Intention Setting
*Physical and Emotional Safety
*Self Generated Ceremony
*Cultural Appropriation
*4 Day and Night Solo
*Story Mirroring and Storytelling
*Incorporation of the Experience
*Various Applications of these Practices with Various Populations

Dates: November 22-December 5, 2020. Please plan to arrive by 4pm on November 21st. We will plan to end no later than 3pm on December 5th.

Tuition: $1900 AUD
Concession: $1400 AUD (some additional scholarships available)

Required Reading: 'The Trail to the Sacred Mountain' and 'The Roaring of the Sacred River: The Wilderness Quest for Vision and Self Healing'. Both by Steven Foster and Meredith Little and available through Lost Borders Press- coyoteculture.com

Practical Preparations: Please be prepared to be self sufficient with your own gear and food. There will be a group kitchen available for use where you may cook individually or with other group members. Most days we will be together in council, so please bring a comfortable chair. An equipment list will be sent to you once you register.

Registration or Questions: Email Ruth at [email protected].
To secure a spot in the training a nonrefundable deposit of $500 AUD is required as well as submitting forms. You will also be asked to write a letter explaining why you are drawn to this training as well as what transitions or personal process you are currently facing.



Ruth Wharton
Deeply rooted in earth, body, ceremony and a long lineage of guides from the School of Lost Borders, Ruth offers an abundance of love and fierce insight to those Ruth guides and mentors. Beginning to guide wilderness rites of passage at the age of 21, Ruth's experience spans over 2 decades, supporting over 1000 people of all ages through initiation practices. As a licensed professional counselor, wilderness therapist and guide, play therapist, and wilderness first responder, Ruth has worked in a variety of settings supporting diverse people in meaningful life passages. As a guide working with the School of Lost Borders for over 20 years, Ruth is also one of the founders of both the Women's Fast and Queer Quest. Being gender expansive and having a strong focus on social justice, Ruth is continually on the path of creating inclusive and accessible space for all people. Ruth continues to guide, offer trainings and mentorship in the Wild Mountains of Colorado and around the world. Traveling to support communities cross culturally, Ruth is continually learning from diverse landscapes and people inspired by our differences, earth based common threads, and shared humanity.

Larry Hobbs
From a field biologist studying whales and dolphins, to a psychotherapist working with individual and family systems, to a teacher and naturalist leading wildlife trips worldwide, Larry came to the School of Lost Borders to train and to guide vision fasts. He has led Vision Fasts and Trainings for the School for almost 20 years, has created the 4-H Rites of Passage Program for youth and the VeteranRites Program for Veterans. Although still teaching and leading natural history trips around the world, Larry's current passions lay in guiding vision fasters, researching and lecturing on Sustainability and in sharing his knowledge of the way we understand and interact with the multitude of systems that support us all with respect and kindness. "I love helping people discover new ways of experiencing their relationship to the natural world. I love listening to the stories and seeing hearts open to new possibilities. I love the people who dare to go alone into themselves and return with great gifts for us all."

Note: This is an independently run program, offered by Ruth Wharton and Larry Hobbs, that the School of Lost Borders is listing in support of international Rite of Passage training opportunities.

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