spiderwoman - Siri Gunnarson

Siri Gunnarson


Siri Gunnarson (she/they) was first called to Ceremony with the School in 2009 and was deeply moved by the sense of belonging and wholeness accessible through stripping down and coming into direct contact with the world. Siri apprenticed with Gigi Coyle and others, focusing on the youth programs and Nature of Council. Siri has moved with purpose between places, projects, organizations, and programs with transformational vision including Three Creeks, Tamera, The Ojai Foundation, Ways of Council, School of Lost Borders, Soma Source, Naropa University LEAPNOW Gap Year Program, and Beyond Boundaries: an intergenerational ‘response team for our times’. Currently Siri serves on the Youth Passageways Stewardship Council and Education and Consulting Collective as well as the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee for the Wilderness Guides Council. A deep believer in ‘nature as teacher’ and self-study as ways of insight into the human being, Siri is passionate about love and community, liberation and equity, embodiment and movement, and permaculture and water.

Email: [email protected]

Visit Siri’s website at: www.rewildingrelationalrites.com



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