We seek to answer a call heard in the voices of people who sit in our circles. Many people express a longing to bring their deep and ceremonial relationship with wild nature into their work lives, homes, relationships and communities. Living the Practices is designed to synthesize the traditions of the School of Lost Borders with spiritual, artistic/creative, personal and professional disciplines and practices.

What is Living the Practices?

Living the Practices integrates ceremonial perspectives into everyday life, work and practices.

Lost Borders teachers and guides offer these programs as a way of ongoing incorporation, going deeper into personal calling and strengthening professional and personal skills. Some programs are designed for experienced School of Lost Borders participants who want to dive further into various aspects of the work and others are for those interested in specific subjects.

They all have the school’s traditions in common: The Four Shields, Solo Time in Nature, Nature as Teacher, and Storytelling and Mirroring.