The School of Lost Borders offers nature-based ceremonies and rites of passage trainings that cultivate self-trust, responsibility, and understanding of our unique place within society and the natural world. Our programs provide teachings, perspectives, and self-reflection in a non-judgmental, yet challenging environment.

These ceremonies are critical in our current times of climate crisis, systemic racism, and inequity. Many are disconnected from the natural world and their inherent place in it. We must provide a space for people to disconnect from digital life and reconnect with their true purpose and sense of place. These ceremonies are an opportunity to remember that humans are not separate from nature and that we all have a place of belonging on this earth.

Our offerings are accessible to all those who are called, especially those from systematically marginalized communities, and we do not turn anyone away due to lack of resources. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to provide significant scholarships, loan equipment to participants, and provide access funds to help remove financial barriers. We also offer specific programs to support the LGBTQ2IA+ community, veterans, youth, women, and men.

We offer trainings to students from around the globe, who return home to offer meaningful rites of passage in their diverse communities. Our work reflects a desire to see more rites of passage interwoven into communities around the world.

We carry an ethic of deep responsibility, relationship, and reciprocity with the places where we offer programs. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and give back to and honor the First Peoples of the lands where we work. 


We honor the indigenous wisdom, land, and roots of our offerings. We strive to be in right-relations with the indigenous communities where we work, giving back to, and honoring First Peoples.


We see money as a means of supporting life. We want to give and receive in a way that enhances self-trust and responsibility, so that it serves as a gift, circling around and back, again in life-enhancing ways. 


We believe in generosity and accessibility! Thanks to our donors, not a single person is turned away for lack of funds. Please support us in continuing to offer our programs to everyone called to this ceremony.