Vision Fast

“The work we have to do can be seen as a kind of coming alive...an awakening into our true nature, a releasing of our gifts.”

- Joanna Macy

In the world today, we often live connected to screens and disconnected from the land. The initiation and rites of passage ceremonies practiced for centuries by our ancestors have almost been forgotten. The vision fast ceremony is a modern-day rite of passage that helps navigate the complexity of these times and mark, honor, and celebrate life transitions. This involves time out alone in nature, with minimal or no food, and leaving behind distractions and daily routines. 

When we take the time to honor life's changing seasons and thoughtfully respond to the question "Who am I?" and "What do I have to offer?" we step into our true nature and a sense of belonging amongst the land and our communities. The results can be profound. Meaning and purpose can return, and life can become richer, clearer, and more full.

The vision fast ceremony has three archetypal phases that have been identified by anthropologists in rites of passage around the world:



Severance begins when you decide to commit to this ceremony. It is preparation for the vision fast, and the time to ask: "Who am I now? And what do I need to leave behind to move forward?" This process of "letting go" can be difficult, but it is the first step in marking the truth of who you are and the gifts you bring to the world.



During the threshold, you will cross alone into the natural world for 3-4 days and nights. Throughout your solo you will find yourself in a liminal time, a realm between your old life, and the life that has yet to come. You will create your own ceremony that reflects your background, intention, value, and what you are honoring in your life.



Incorporation begins when you return from your solo and are reunited with your group and guides. They will listen deeply to your story and mirror it back to you. You will be supported to bring back the learning and gifts from your ceremony to your people. Incorporation is a year long process and an opportunity to show up in your life in new ways.

Check out these pages for more information about rites of passage and our cultural relations.

Upcoming Vision Fast Programs


Mid-Winter Vision Fast

Feb 21 - Mar 4, 2022 Death Valley, California Petra Lentz-Snow, Scot Deily

“It may be that when we no longer know what to do,  we have come to our real work  and when we no longer know which way to go,  we have begun our real journey.  The mind that is not ...

CA Spring Vision Fast

Apr 11 - Apr 22, 2022 Big Pine & Death Valley, California Petra Lentz-Snow, Nick LaHaise

Life transitions, like entering adulthood, midlife or elderhood are always “DNA invitations” to go out on the land. The need to become anew is planted deeply into our ancestral bones because it ...

NM Women’s Vision Fast

May 16 - May 27, 2022 Cochiti Lake and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico Emerald North, Petra Lentz-Snow

A woman's journey is both vigorous and introspective as she covers ground outwardly, so she ventures deep within herself. Stirred by nature’s calling to be creative and complete, and beckoned by an ...

Young Adults Wilderness Rites of Passage – Dates TBD

Jun 1 - Jun 1, 2022 Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California Siri Gunnarson

Dates and other logistics for this program are to be determined. For all inquiries and interest: Please contact Siri Gunnarson at [email protected] Every summer the School of Lost Borders ...

CO June Queer Quest

The natural world reminds us that being Queer* is both beautiful and something to be celebrated! Showing up as who we are, and with our many gifts, is a celebration of nature’s diversity and honors ...

CA Summer Vision Fast

Aug 1 - Aug 13, 2022 Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California Scott Eberle, Betsy Perluss

The modern day vision quest is a border crossing practice, an opportunity to reclaim our true place in the natural world. When one steps across the threshold and into the unknown wilderness, ...

Intergenerational Women’s Fast

Sep 3 - Sep 10, 2022 Dragonback Springs Ranch, Colorado Nancy Jane, Bettina Straub

Since time immemorial, women have gathered to celebrate, honor and support life. In doing so we form a sisterhood deeply rooted in our own authentic nature. As we join together to share our stories ...

CO Fall Vision Fast

As the leaves change, a different way of life is tugging at your heart. A new story is begging to be told. And your gifts are longing to be shared with the world. Marking life passages allows you ...

NM Fall Vision Fast

Sep 19 - Sep 30, 2022 Cochiti Lake and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico Emerald North, Scot Deily, Ray Hillis

The land knows you, even when you are lost. ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer In increasing times of unrest and uncertainty it can be a common human experience to gravitate towards more “certainty” ...

CA Women’s Vision Fast

Nov 9 - Nov 20, 2022 Death Valley, California Silvia Talavera, Cynthia Morrow

One of a woman's greatest longings is to be seen and known in her most wild and authentic self - a self that is intimately intertwined with the creative forces and cycles of nature. Like the waxing ...

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