Program Branches

The School of Lost Borders offers the following experiencial programs that are designed to support our connection as humans with the natural world and each other.

Cross into the natural world to mark and celebrate significant life transitions.

Learn how to guide Rites of Passage and support your community.

Remember the ancient wisdom of living and dying in connection with nature.

Integrate ceremony and nature-based practices into everyday life and work.

CO Summer Vision Fast

Jul 28 - Aug 8, 2021 Wild Mountain, Colorado Pedro McMillan, Ruth “Roo” Wharton Vision Fast

The call of the earth is getting louder! The ecological stress we see in wildfires, flooding, and global pandemics can leave you feeling helpless, frightened and stuck. Technology and the fast pace ...

CA Summer Vision Fast

Aug 2 - Aug 14, 2021 Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California Betsy Perluss, Scott Eberle Vision Fast

The modern day vision quest is a border crossing practice, an opportunity to reclaim our true place in the natural world. When one steps across the threshold and into the unknown wilderness, ...

CO Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature: The Art of Story Telling and Listening

Aug 4 - Aug 8, 2021 Dragonback Springs Ranch, Colorado Emerald North, Ray Hillis, Scot Deily Training

The shields of human nature turn with the experiences of life, from the smallest cell to the great seamless whole of the biosphere called earth. It begins with the body (summer), turns into psyche ...

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