Program Branches

The School of Lost Borders offers the following experiencial programs that are designed to support our connection as humans with the natural world and each other.

Cross into the natural world to mark and celebrate significant life transitions.

Learn how to guide Rites of Passage and support your community.

Remember the ancient wisdom of living and dying in connection with nature.

Integrate ceremony and nature-based practices into everyday life and work.

CA Month-Long Training

Jun 16 - Jul 18, 2021 Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California Betsy Perluss, Angelo Joseph Lazenka, Petra Lentz-Snow, Meredith Little, John Davis Training

The month-long intensive is designed for those who seek to explore and develop their vocation as wilderness guides within the tradition of the School of Lost Borders. Participants are given the ...

Diamond in the Rough: Wilderness and the Diamond Approach

Jun 26 - Jul 3, 2021 Wild Mountain, Colorado John Davis, Marlena deCarion Living the Practices

Intimate and direct contact with the natural world is an ancient, direct, and profound doorway to being. Our ancestors knew this, and we are rediscovering it. Curiosity, experiential inquiry, ...

CO Two Week Training

Jul 1 - Jul 14, 2021 Dragonback Springs Ranch, Colorado Emerald North, Scot Deily Training

The two week training offers the participant an immersion into the vision fast ceremony, including the beginning skills necessary to lead it and an understanding of how the principles of the vision ...

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