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Ancestor Preparation: On Becoming a Good Dead Person

Betsy Perluss, PhD | Living and Dying, Living the Practices, Vision Fast

Note: This short piece has been submitted to Circles on the Mountain for publication.  For better or worse, wilderness rites of passage programs have gained a great deal of popularity over recent years. For better, because many of us have worked hard to see meaningful rites regain their importance within modern culture. We know that… ...

I Lay Down My Burden and Rise – Navy Veteran Steve Fronckowiak

Lost Borders | Vision Fast

Steve Fronckowiak was a US Navy Surface Warfare Officer who deployed with three different commands from 1998 to 2005. He was led to the Veteran Rites of Return by his ex-wife and friend. ...

Hello, our great and beautiful family!

Lost Borders | Vision Fast

 This is Gordon from the beautiful soil of Kenya in East Africa. Its been awhile and am happy to share with you about what’s going on with my life during this transition into this other full moon. Lot has happened. A road that was both challenged with pandemic that caused a stand still to schooling… ...

Learning to live

Lost Borders | Vision Fast

It is my third day without food. In the night I awaken now and again, cozy in my warm sleeping bag, and watch the Big Dipper move around the north star. At the early light of dawn over barren rock hills, I bid farewell to a waning moon as it dips behind the ridge far… ...

Incorporation from the Great Ballcourt Fast

Lost Borders | Vision Fast

Good morning dear Friends, Oh, how you and Death Valley have been on my mind and in my heart. For days after returning home to Colorado, I would wake up in the night and look for the stars above my head and feel sad to find the blank stare of my ceiling or I would… ...

Vision Fasting As our World is Burning

Lost Borders | Vision Fast

Sitting on a mountain perch at 8000 feet, I have come to the Inyos to fast. Longing to see my brilliant, beloved Sierras to the west, today, they are not visible at all. The smoke from the relentless fires of the American West has totally obscured them. ...

Turning Into Life

Meredith Little | Living the Practices

Thirty years ago Steven Foster and Meredith Little founded The School of Lost Borders, offering rites of passage experiences based in part on Native American vision quests. ...

Song: My Time Is Now

Lost Borders | Vision Fast, Youth

Composed and performed by Sifo Sonwabise, Naomi Mwangi, & Rebecca Hartt ...

Making Fire

Lost Borders | Training

Fire Making at the 2018 California Month-Long Training ...

Podcast: On Being A Mortal Animal with Dr. Scott Eberle

Dr. Scott Eberle | Living and Dying

In this interview, we explore the practice of living and dying and what it means to be a mortal animal. ...

Elderhood Initiation: A Personal Story

Larry Hobbs | Vision Fast

As initiates and creative, energized citizens, we must sever from our home and from what is familiar in the outer world. ...

The Nature of Intent

Joseph (Angelo) Lazenka | Vision Fast

“What is my intent?" is asked not to define some ultimate purpose, outcome, or goal, but to allow the question itself to inform and guide. ...

The Red Thread

Dr. Scott Eberle | Vision Fast

My own life-thread is red. Red as in life-blood red. Red as in a red-rock desert with its vast open space. ...

Rites of Alignment in a New Global World

Meredith Little | Vision Fast

In our modern upbringing we have this idea that life is linear; that we are born, we live, and we die and that’s it. ...

The Four Shields of Wholeness

Steven Foster | Vision Fast

If there were a measure of “mental health,” it would involve the ability of individuals to grow into the fullness of each season--that is, the ability to fully become, or enact, the contents of each shield. ...

Wilderness Vision Fast and The Four Shields of Human Nature (PDF)

Meredith Little | Vision Fast

In 1996 Steven and Meredith gave a lecture at the University of Idaho called "Wilderness Vision Questing and the Four Shields of Human Nature". ...

Wilderness Rites of Passage

John Davis, PhD | Vision Fast

Across time and in countless ways, people of many cultures have gone into the wilderness to mark life transitions and seek guidance. ...

Re-wild Interview: Petra Lentz-Snow on Rites of Passage

Petra Lentz-Snow | Vision Fast

In this interview, Petra gives us an in-depth look into the purpose and process of rites of passage, both naturally-occurring and intentionally sought out ceremonies, such as guided vision fasts. ...

Rites of Passage and Culture

Betsy Perluss, PhD | Vision Fast

However, the archetype of initiatory rites demands a response, so we move ahead slowly, carefully, to bring this life-giving ceremony to those who yearn for it. ...

The Practice of Council in a University Human Development Course

Betsy Perluss, PhD | Vision Fast

The first step in bringing Council into a classroom setting is to properly introduce the importance of dialogue. ...

Podcast: Nature and The ‘Me’ Problem with Larry Hobbs

Lost Borders | Living the Practices, Vision Fast, Youth

Whether you are digging in the soil or digging in your past, pointing a finger at the moon or contemplating your future, we and the universe are inseparable. ...

Paying Homage to the Dark

Lost Borders | Living and Dying, Living the Practices

In other words, while it may be the dark that contains the unexpected, unwanted, and incomprehensible, it is also that which illuminates and grants us the ability to see what is hidden there. ...

Queer Quest Tribute

Guest Contributor | Queer, Vision Fast

By Alicia Banister: But to sit in sacred space with an entire group that shares that common thread, that common understanding of shame and fear and celebration, that is a gift that I had no idea until I stepped into that space that my soul was craving. ...

Lamenting for A Vision

Guest Contributor | Vision Fast

By Dr. Kabir Bavikatte: We return from our fast, dusty, sunburnt and smelling of wind, sand and silence. The desert has scoured away our anxieties and rendered us agape. ...

Die Before You Die

Petra Lentz-Snow | Living and Dying

Whether you believe this tale or not, it is true that in every dying we are freed, and born anew. ...

Effects of a Rites of Passage Ceremony on Veterans’ Wellbeing

Guest Contributor | Living and Dying

The process of returning warriors home from war long predates current problems the United States is having with caring for its veterans. ...

Queer Futurism: Denizens of Liminality

Guest Contributor | Living and Dying

By Pinar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd: To honor queerness, one must honor where queerness comes from—the earth. It is a decolonizing process by nature. ...

Desert Flowering

Guest Contributor | Training

Arriving in the sacred Inyo Mountains I am greeted by an unexpected profusion of wildflowers. A sea of purle, pink, yellow and red, scattered beneath the pinion pine and junipers. A testament to the hidden ferticility held deeply in this dry place. ...

A Desert Fast

John Davis, PhD | Vision Fast

The lesson of that vision fast in the desert is that I hold within me – and I can open myself to – all that I need. This is enough. ...

Discovering Psyche in Nature

Guest Contributor | Vision Fast

By Patricia Pint: It is difficult for me to imagine nature without a soul. I could feel her on the top of the mountain. ...

The Ballcourt Fast

Guest Contributor | Living and Dying

By Eve-lynn Civerolo: As you step across the threshold into the unknown wilderness, boundaries begin to dissolve and our vision begins to expand. ...

How to Prepare for Your Vision Fast Ceremony

Betsy Perluss, PhD | Living and Dying, Living the Practices, Queer, The Early Days, Training, Vision Fast, Youth

The more time and effort you take to prepare, the more meaningful your ceremony will be. It is important to keep in mind that the vision fast ceremony is not a quick-fix deal. ...

Cracked Open: The Nature of Grief, Loss and Illness

Petra Lentz-Snow | Living and Dying

What does it mean to come fully alive in the face of death and dying? ...

Individuation Within The Context of Ecological Identity (PDF)

Guest Contributor | Living and Dying

By Rupert Marques: What is an appropriate response for Outdoor Education to the great challenge, and the great opportunity of our time? ...

What is a Vision Quest and Why Do One? (from Huffington Post)

Maddisen K. Krown | Living and Dying

We live in a world marked by borders, borders between continents, people, and even between our own hearts and minds. ...

Touching Earth, Finding Spirit: A Passage Into The Symbolic Landscape

Betsy Perluss, PhD | Living and Dying

How could we possibly comprehend this alchemical treatise if it were not for shimmering mountains and the sultry valleys? ...

The Transpersonal Dimensions of Ecopsychology: Nature, Nonduality, and Spiritual Practice

John Davis, PhD | Living and Dying

Spirituality has been part of the deep ecology and ecopsychology literatures from their beginning, though not without hesitation. ...

Fasting in the Wilderness

Steven Foster | Living and Dying

To our way of thinking, there is no pat answer to the question, “How do I prepare?” Rather the question is: “What way feels best to me?” ...

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