Headshot of Bear

Callum “Bear” Bobb

Bear (they/them) is a trans guide who offers a grounded and fierce tenderness in support of the beautiful process of emergence that we call Rites of Passage. As a queer person descending from Ashkenazi Jewish and Scottish lineages, Bear brings insight from a lifetime of navigating liminal spaces and betweenness, and trusts that embracing the unknown is the first step into the borderlands of becoming.

Bear has come to guiding with the support and training from the guides at Wild Mountain and the School of Lost Borders, human and non-human. Bear has also been trained as a somatic psychotherapist and an Earth scientist. Their wide range of backgrounds has helped them see the interdependent nature of the human experience. While the culture of colonization insists that we should strive for control, predictability, and self-reliance, the Earth will never stop offering reminders that life on this planet is defined by invitations of relationship, change, and interdependence. Bear is honored to guide in a context that offers all participants these embodied reminders as invitations into their unique aliveness.



CO June Queer Quest 2

The natural world reminds us that being Queer* is both beautiful and something to be celebrated! Showing up as who we are, and with our many gifts, is a celebration of nature’s diversity and honors our deep connection to the natural world. Many earth-based cultures…