Cori Wright


Cori Wright (she/her) works as a primary therapist at a wilderness therapy company and is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Cori moved every couple of years growing up and became fascinated with how different humans were in every place that she lived. Cori began working with adolescents and facilitating Rites of Passage 15 years ago. After seeing the power of the land to heal (not the therapists!), she dove deep into biocultural anthropology to gain a greater understanding of the life and death cycle across cultures. Cori studied biological anthropology and how bones would tell a humans story as she faced her own chronic illness and came face to face what death really meant.

It was not until 6 years after guiding in the wilderness that she met this ceremony and understood she did not have to seek out others cultural traditions to be in communion with the land and receive it’s wisdom. Over the years, Cori has become more and more passionate about the incorporation of what we do both in ceremony and every day humans. Whether that be helping midwife a student and family out of the wilderness, or giving back to other mothers in the community after returning back to the community after birthing two of her own children. Cori has spent a great deal of time working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in shelters and jail settings. She is honored to hold space and witness women as they come back to their power through the land and ceremony.

Cori is passionate about the need to be contrary and have fun when all else seems lost. She is the mother of two children and wife of her beloved that keeps her growing every day into a more sovereign woman. In her free time you might find her working on getting her pilots license, gazing at each precious seed that the earth gives us, daydreaming about buying a motorcycle, or chasing her very active 5 year old around.



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