Gretchen (Grae) Gerlach


Gretchen (Grae) Gerlach (she/her) grew up in rural Montana,
where she was raised as much by the wilderness as by her nature loving
parents. With the Rocky Mountains, glacier fed rivers, ancient forests,
creatures of her homeland and a horse ranching community as
inspiration she declared her life purpose early on in life (6 years old); “I
will work with the nature in people!”

Having worked as a Wilderness Therapy Guide since 2015, Grae
was drawn to The School of Lost Borders with hopes of finding
community and opportunities that would resonate and support her life’s
intention. It was a discovery that felt like a remembrance! Since then,
she incorporates Ceremony into her work with youth and adults in rehab
and recovery with passionate emphasis on Rites of Passage for women
and ceremonies for the practice of living and dying. In addition to her
participation within the School, Grae has guided for Rites of Passage
Journeys, and Crone Collective, as well as creating her own business
Naetura Cara, where she focuses on integrating a Rites of Passage
perspective combined with Somatic Embodiment into diverse

Grae’s style is to create a simple foundation and a center of gravity
where individuals' internal natures, as rich and wild as the environments
that hold them, can come together, can remember reciprocity, can heal,
and can mark a place of belonging in the long lineage before and after
them. She approaches her work from a place of love, humble
responsibility, and gratitude for the wisdom she has inherited from her
Mother (Mama and Nature!) as well as the lineage of learning that her
mentors have shared.

Email: [email protected]
Website: naeturacara.com




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