Joseph (Angelo) Lazenka

Angelo Joseph Lazenka


Angelo Joseph Lazenka (he/him) began guiding vision fast in 1984 and often says that the work grew him up and now he is asking it to grow him down into the rich territory of elderhood. He began working as a guide with the School in 1993 and from 2003 through 2018 held a variety of titles including: Guide, Teacher, Director, President, and Board Member. Now, in his late 60’s, having left administrative responsibilities, he continues to guide and train while carrying the question of what it truly means to pass the work on to the next generation.

Email: [email protected]

Article: The Nature of Intent

Audio: Die Daily, Live Fully Rev. Kristin interviews Joseph Lazenka

Video: Joseph Lazenka interview by Clinton Callahan

“It was certainly a pleasure to get this conversation recorded for others to enjoy. Joseph is a treasure chest of crucial information and lively stories! Thanks for this opportunity!” – Clinton Callahan



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