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Kim Belair


Since answering the call to guiding in 2011, Kim (she/her) has wandered deserts, mountains, rainforests, and the physical and psychic landscapes in between, with humans of all ages. This work began with wilderness therapy, and expanded into rites of passage, with the two often being intertwined on the shared journey of remembering our individual and collective belonging in a modern landscape that often seems to be insisting upon disillusionment and estrangement.

Kim regards the land, water, and non-human beings as co-conspirators with much to offer, and just as much desire to be offered unto. She upholds ceremony as a model for reciprocal relationship, believing that they are no more a place to receive than they are a place to give.

Kim is a guide and co-founder of Crone Collective, a collection of communal and individual resources for womxn who find themselves at a crossroads and are seeking to move intentionally through the cycles of transition that are calling them. Her work is highly individualized, trauma-informed, and centers self-generated ceremony practices and story as mirrors for transformation. Through these modalities, as well as other approaches such as dream work and breathwork, she seeks to honor and support each person’s journey of remembering their belonging and deepening their knowledge of the precious, unique gifts that they carry in this world.

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Invitation Only Women’s Fast 2022

The need to become anew lives deep in our ancestral bones because it was, and is, crucial for the survival of our communities that we let go of what no longer serves, and enter the calling of our new becoming. Life transitions are initiatory invitations…


CA Fall Vision Fast

The twelve day immersion ceremony involves four days of preparation, four days and nights of fasting alone, and four days of incorporation in Death Valley.  (Payahüünadü), at Baker Creek Campground, and the solo threshold phase of the ceremony will take place in Death Valley...