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Marlena deCarion


Marlena deCarion (she/her) is a Professional Certified Coach, Faculty at the Co-Active Training Institute and a teacher of Mindfulness. Marlena’s passion for wilderness began as a child while backpacking with her father in the Sierras. As a former Outward Bound instructor and experiential educator, Marlena loves to create transformational learning experiences that bring people closer to the natural world, their soul and their human potential. Marlena spent many years in deep Buddhist practice and has also studied shamanism, trauma healing, non-dual spirituality. She has been involved with School of Lost Borders since 2017.

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Diamond in the Rough: Wilderness and the Diamond Approach

Direct and intimate contact with the natural world is an ancient and profound doorway to being. Our ancestors knew this, and we are rediscovering it. Curiosity, experiential inquiry, mindfulness, simple ceremony, and group council open this door wider and deepen this contact. This retreat is...