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Meiko Xavier


Meiko Xavier (he/him) is dedicated to the Trans and Queer community. Meiko has supported others through education, sharing his personal journey, and offering a communal space where transitions in the Trans community are honored and held as sacred. Meiko is a natural guide with twelve years of experience with rites of passage and field work in therapeutic recovery programs.

His wealth of knowledge and compassionate heart supports people in finding their own healing through their relationship with the land.

Inspired by his experience with Queer Quest, Meiko co-founded Quest House, a post-operative healing home for Trans folks moving through surgically assisted rites of passage. Meiko has been involved with the Queer Quest over the last decade and currently serves on the Board at Wild Mountain Retreats where he is a sugar daddy for thousands of migrating hummingbirds.



CO June Queer Quest

The natural world reminds us that being Queer* is both beautiful and something to be celebrated! Showing up as who we are, and with our many gifts, is a celebration of nature’s diversity and honors our deep connection to the natural world. Many earth-based cultures…