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Meredith Little (she/her) and her husband Steven Foster co-founded Rites of Passage Inc. in 1976 and The School of Lost Borders in 1981, pioneering new methods and dynamics of modern pan-cultural passage rites in the wilderness and creating innovative practices of “field eco-therapy.” She has dedicated her life to returning meaningful and culturally appropriate rites of passage ceremonies to all people in support of the natural cycles of living and dying necessary for healthy lives and a healthy world. She is also dedicated to reconnecting people with the very roots of their own nature reflected in the wisdom of the land around them. She lives a passion for the diversity of life, for the nature of human, for the voice of ceremony, and for the healing qualities of community. Since Steven’s death in 2003, Meredith continues both nationally and internationally to guide and train others. She has also co-founded along with Scott Eberle a new branch of Lost Borders, entitled The Practice of Living and Dying, to help break the taboos and silence that pervade the subject of death and to help restore dying to its natural place in the cycles of life.

Meredith ‘s European 2024 schedule:


April 28 – May 3:  Women and Earth: Dark Moon Mysteries 

Germany (near Lake Constance)

Contact:  Susann Belz, [email protected]


May 12 – 13:  Month-Long Training in Wilderness Rites of Passage

Seminar: Practice of Living and Dying for the month-long training in Spain

Contact:  Diana and Xavier, [email protected] , website:

Other guides:  Betsy Perluss, Angelo Lazenka, Diana Bacanu, Xavier Compte, Rupert Marques


May 22 – 27: Dark Nature: Matrix of Initiatory Growth

Eschwege Institute, Germany

Contact:  Holger at [email protected], 


August 31 – September 5:   For youth:  Forgiveness, Apology, and Reconciliation

Salzkammergut, Austria (near Salzburg)

Contact:  Christian Kirchmair at [email protected] 


September 9 – 14: Moving with the Changing Times

Shambhala and Women and Earth, Austria (near Vienna)

Contact:  Shambhala Institute and Claudia at [email protected], with Susann Belz at Women and Earth [email protected]

For booking Meredith to guide for an international event, please contact her at: [email protected]

Lost Borders Press




Walking Into That Good Night: Exploring Our Relationship With Dying & Death

Physical death is the ultimate rite of passage that we are preparing for on some level throughout our life. Sometimes this “preparing” looks like denial; sometimes sudden illness or life-threats surprise us into looking squarely at the inevitable truth. The more consciously we can turn...


In the Death Lodge: Forgiveness, Apology and Reconciliation

An old hospice teaching says that to complete a relationship five things must be said: “I forgive you”; “you forgive me”; “thank you”; “I love you”; and “goodbye.”  This is the sacred work of the Death Lodge.


CA Month-Long Training

*Pre-requite for this program is having completed a guided 3 or 4-day/night vision fast. Need not have been with the School of Lost Borders. For forty years the School of Lost Borders has offered a unique training for students, therapists, activists, teachers, community workers, and…


The Great Ballcourt Initiation – Fall Fast

Death is the ultimate agent of transformation—be it a physical death or “the little deaths” encountered throughout life. Indigenous cultures developed rituals to aid and guide people through these stages of change and renewal, utilizing the power of death to enhance and intensify these experiences….