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Paul Browde


Paul Browde M.D. (he/him/his)  is a psychiatrist, a storyteller, and a relationship guide. He has been in practice for more than thirty years.  He has trained in Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, and in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Paul has been profoundly affected by wilderness work and is excited to bring this exploration to groups of queer men. He is co-founder of a storytelling company, Narativ Inc., and has taught in the Columbia University’s Narrative Medicine program.  As a storyteller, he has performed in venues across the world, including Off Broadway and on the West End of London. He is writing a book called Story Medicine which examines the way in which the stories we tell shape our lives.

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The Four Directions of a Queer Man: Forgiveness, Apology & Reconciliation

Queer people don’t grow up as ourselves, we grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity to minimise humiliation & prejudice.  The massive task of our adult lives is to unpick which parts of ourselves are truly us & which parts we’ve created…