Scott Davidson


Scott Davidson (he/him) is a wilderness rite of passage guide, wildlife tracker and cultural repairman who has given his life to community stewardship for more than 20 years. A son of North Sea ancestors and born on Ohlone homelands, he now stewards the sanctuary of Three Creeks in Payahuunadü, in collaboration with Nüümü Paiute peoples and Beyond Boundaries, currently in a process of returning land and water back to Indigenous care. He lives consciously on a razor’s edge of old and new stories that shape our world today and is committed to this great dance of cross-cultural and inter-generational healing and wholing.  Scott first fasted with the School of Lost Borders soon after his mom passed in 2009, then again when his dad died in 2013 and has been supporting people into wholeness and belonging ever since. He is a bird whisperer, a lover, a brother and a village cook.



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