Yeshe Salz


yeshe ( Y ) (they/them) is a rites-of-passage guide, facilitator, storyteller and community organizer whose life and passion is dedicated to building collective resilience in times of deep change. yeshe’s work meets at the confluence of trans-local coalition-building, queer ecology and cultivating cultural resilience through ceremony and ritual.  They come to this work through years of training at the School of Lost Borders, Work that Reconnects facilitation, climate activism in the Bay Area as well as decades of self-study of the land and its teachings.

yeshe currently serves as Interim Co-Director for Youth Passageways, a multi-cultural and intergenerational network of rites of passage, education, youth and community development efforts working to reclaim and regenerate cultural practices to sustain thriving, co-liberatory communities.

In addition to their living elders and mentors, yeshe’s mixed-heritage Jewish ancestors are their primary guides in learning to return and heal through ancestral, land-based ceremonial lineages. One of their callings is to live into their inherited name as a Soloveichik or “Nightingale” – learning to bring song, storytelling and ceremony into (and up from) the darkest places.  Y’s ecological kin can be found in the mountains and deserts of the Eastern Sierra, Southern California, Northern Baja and Northern New Mexico where they currently are learning to be a good guest.





Living in a Time of Dying: The Four Shields in the Anthropocene

We are living in a time of rapid change, disintegration and emergence on planet Earth – what many call apocalyptic times. From the compounding and inequitable crises of climate change and pandemic, to the impacts of globalization and colonization, systems are falling apart all around…