Hello, our great and beautiful family!

 This is Gordon from the beautiful soil of Kenya in East Africa. Its been awhile and am happy to share with you about what’s going on with my life during this transition into this other full moon.
Lot has happened. A road that was both challenged with pandemic that caused a stand still to schooling for the orphan children whom I support. This pandemic caused us much in a negative way as kids suffered set back in their learning thus, derailed in their learning progress.
I never sat back…I never relaxed and was not fulfilled to stay and watch this effecting life of these orphans in all spheres including their health psychologically, mentally, physically and indeed socially.
I had to move with courage to face risk in moving into the villages in our community to meet these kids and encourage them, supply them with food, pray with them and make them feel they are part of me during this period of social distancing, scarcity of food to eat, restrictions in movement causing many of these kids to fall sick for fear of being found with covid-19 and the stigma thereafter.

I moved in the community to encourage these kids and make creative learning ideas and artwork for them to do at their closets in homes. Personally, it has been a tough thing to move and meet these kids in a society that has no protection from the pandemic of covid-19 as many cant go far to fetch water from the river due to restrictions in movement, some guardians of these kids are not able to move to look for food to these orphans regularly due to covid-19 movement restrictions and lose of jobs in their farms or at work…huge huge problems. But life must continue…the kids have their right to life…to play…to sleep…to smile…despite all these constraints caused by the covid19 pandemic.

I will be happy to see these kids happy. I will eat and enjoy my meals when I see these orphan and vulnerable Kenyan kids can now afford at least some meal in a day… I will go into my bed and sleep when I know that these kids are safe and have shelter and can go under their blanket to sleep even though life has continually been so harsh to them and us here during this pandemic. Thank you, my dear and great friends and I wish you every blessings, love, patience in this long challenging journey and hope that this situation will come to an end someday!!! Yes, I believe…strongly believe that there is a time and a season for everything and in every situation and soon someday, someday we shall overcome!!
Your friend and family in the new full moon,

Gordon from Kenya

Gordon Nyabade is managing an orphanage in Kenya, he was a particpant in the 2019 CO Month-Long Training.

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