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 Incorporation- Embodying the Vision

 In a rite of passage ceremony there are three distinct phases one must pass through. Each of these phases carry it’s unique and challenging work.

The first of the phases is Severance, the stepping away, severing from and relinquishing the old behavior, places and situations that no longer serve and continue to hold you back from moving forward into your fullest potential.

The second phase is Threshold, often referred to as the in-between place, the solo time and place of uncertainty and mystery.  And where the work of thrashing and separating the shell of the old self to give way to the new borning takes place.

The third phase is Incorporation, Taking into the body (corpus). To embody the vision. This phase has often been referred to as being the most challenging of the 3 phases. The work here is to take the vision/boon and return back to your life and to give your experience practical feet and the life force it needs to help carry the weight of your vision so as to manifest it forward in service of the people.

It is not an easy thing to return to an all too busy life of family, work and the familiar frenetic pace that barely gives space and time for much else.  This brings up the dangers and the pitfalls that easily arise and can suck us back into the old behaviors and defaults that often occur upon returning home. 

You may begin to feel unable to carry the weight of the vision. Thinking you may not have the time to give to the work it takes to keep the vision alive. You may decide to put it on the back burner for now until it is one day forgotten. Self doubt may overcome you and you begin to question if what you did actually happened. Work has gotten more demanding and more.

The return to your people is an important time. It is important to keep the memories alive, a time of listening to dreams so that the new awakening continues. You have changed. Some things have shifted and come into consciousness. In ancient times bringing back the boon meant bringing back the gift you received on your journey. 

It was a time to tell the story of what brought you back and what was learned on the journey. The true gift was the agent of change. It was the gift of grace that was past on to the seeker. Perhaps it came in the form of an insight to our spiritual life, a glimpse of the wisdom traditions of a different culture,  a moment of compassion or an increment of knowledge.  All this must be passed on. The gift was meant to be shared with the people.

The work of incorporation takes patience, consistent hard work and a conscious awareness of the importance of the journey and the impact it has on self, the planet and all people. It takes delving into self resources and support resources. And remembering the gift/boon is a presence in the soul of the world that can be honored and carried home in your heart.

The School continues to provide instruction and give suggestions to help prepare the initiate for the return home.  The school also encourages you to check out the website for links to resources and programs for more support.

“The ultimate aim of the quest, if one is to return, must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others”    Joseph Campbell

By Silvia Talavera

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