Queer Quest Tribute

I have just returned home from the Queer Fast and on my drive home last night I promised myself that the first thing I did when I turned on my computer the next day would be to send you an email.

As a queer person, I have sat in many sacred circles and been a part of many different ceremonies, and never in all of my experiences have I been a part of a circle where I was able to bring 100% of myself into the space. Until the Queer Fast. Pedro and Ruth are exceptional beings and created, along with Nadya and Walker, the safest, most inclusive space I have ever had the deep honor and privilege of being a part of. My gratitude for them goes deep. And deeper still because they saw a need for this space, this Queer space, and they listened to that call.

In sacred circles before, I have found an ally or two, another queer person who understands in some fundamental way some part of my story. But to sit in sacred space with an entire group that shares that common thread, that common understanding of shame and fear and celebration, that is a gift that I had no idea until I stepped into that space that my soul was craving. What sacred reflections we were all able to be for each other, for a particular part of ourselves that does not often (no matter how open or accepting a space may be) get to be witnessed so deeply.

So, all of this is to say, thank you for offering the Queer Fast. I pledge to do whatever I can on my end so that it may continue on for years, so that others may get to experience the enormous healing of being able to step with their whole being so completely and authentically into a sacred space and be seen and held and celebrated.

so much love and gratitude,

Alicia Banister

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