After Steven Foster’s death in 2003, the Steven Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in response to the many people wanting to support Steven's work and legacy.  In the last few years, requests for scholarships have increased tremendously. All of this has translated to a dramatic increase in interest in our work and we have supported as many as we possibly can, that said, we do not have infinite reserves! During this time of increasing need, we are asking for your help and participation.

Before applying for a scholarship, we ask you to consider these other possibilities:


The first is to reach out to your community for support through one of the many crowdfunding sites, like gofundme or indiegogo. You might also reach out directly to family, friends and organizations that may support you. A family member or loved one can also make a donation to the Scholarship Fund. This way, in addition to supporting you and the School, they will receive the benefit of a tax deduction. We know it can be hard to ask those in your community for help, we too face this every time we send out a fundraising letter, but remember that doing this work greatly serves the whole community.

Your friends and family can donate here under the  Sponsor a Specific Student Scholarship Fund.

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If your financial situation allows you to pay the tuition on your own, if you had more time, we will do all we can to work out a payment plan that works for you. You can access the payment plan form below.

Payment Plan  

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Payment Plan Form

Dear Program Participant, If you are filling out this form, you have most likely received some scholarship funds to help with tuition. Or maybe timing simply makes it hard for you to pay your tuition before your program begins, but you know you will be able to pay your tuition over time.

Below is our simple payment plan form, to help you pay over a period of time that works for you. Using this form, we kindly ask that you:

1) Please take this commitment seriously. We pay our guides upon program completion, trusting 100% follow through on all payment commitments and it is hard for us to absorb the loss if payments are not made.

2) Commit to what is truly sustainable. We'd rather see smaller amounts that work for you over a longer period of time than missing payments that were just too much for you.

3) Follow through with your timeline independently. Setting up automatic bill pay is easily done by most banks.

4) Pay your tuition balance in full within 6 months, if possible, and at the latest within a year of the program.

Simply fill out the form below and click 'submit' at the bottom. Our office will contact you shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].

Participant's Name*
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Payment Plans
Specify which amounts you are comfortable paying and on which date and frequency (make sure total payments match total balance owed).
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By signing this form, I agree, in good faith, to these terms of payment.

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(Parent or guardian must complete this form and provide a signature if the participant is under the age of 18)
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If you are still in need of a scholarship please fill out the scholarship application form at the same time as you submit your program application. We ask you to provide your contact information and the name and date of the program you want to attend and why you are drawn to the program; then please let us know more about your situation, your current financial position and any savings/debts/assets you have. Please submit your request as early as possible and allow a week or two for us to respond.

Scholarship Application  

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Scholarship Application

The whole community ideally supports rites of passage and we at the School of Lost Borders are blessed with a community willing to carry on this tradition. Every year, people send in donations for our scholarship fund and it is through their loving hearts that we are able to offer assistance to those who ask.

We believe that the passing on of this blessing should be done simply, be based on trust, and be set up in a way that we are able to support as many people as possible. Therefore, our general policy is to offer scholarships equaling approximately one-third of a program’s base tuition. We do not have unlimited funds and demand and need is high Please be advised that recipients are still required to send in the deposit to secure a space in the course.

Please tell us a little about your broad current financial circumstances, plus provide more information as to your need for scholarship assistance.

Please enter your information below and share with us in writing why you are applying.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at: [email protected].

Scholarship Amount

If you are granted a scholarship, you can expect a scholarship offer of approximately thirty percent of the base tuition for the program you will be attending, perhaps less for very long programs. If the Scholarship we offer is not enough to make it possible for you to attend, let us know, and if you could make do with less, let us know this as well. We welcome your participation and will do all we can to make it work for you; and need for you to do the same on your own behalf.

How to Apply

Please share with us in writing your reasons for applying for a scholarship. The field below will expand as you type, giving you room for several paragraphs. If you prefer, you can upload a word doc or PDF file instead, using the 'File Upload' button. Make sure to include the name and year of the program that you are applying for (i.e. 2021 NM Fall Fast or 2021 CA Mirroring). Thank you!

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You can expect a scholarship offer of up to thirty percent of whatever the base tuition is for the program you will be attending, depending on your personal circumstances. A common scholarship offer for a program where the sliding scale begins at $1000 would be somewhere between $100-$300. We welcome your participation and will do what we can to make sure you can come, within the funds that we have available.

Lastly, we want to share  "Our Way with Money" with you, which tells how we see and work with our complex relationship with money.