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How to prepare

The more time and effort you take to prepare, the more meaningful your experience will be. It is important to keep in mind that what we offer at Lost Borders is not a quick-fix deal. It is a practice that demands your full attention and commitment. It is likely that during your preparation phase, you’ll feel frightened, inadequate, or that you’re not up to the task. All of these feelings can indicate, paradoxically, that you’re on the right path.

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our way with money

Since the inception of the School, over thirty-five years ago, it has been our commitment to keep our programs accessible to anyone who feels a strong intention to participate, and to never turn anyone away for lack of funds or resources. This is our bottom line. Everyone has the right to partake in this ceremony. It is not for sale.  For information on Scholarships use the link below.

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EarlyDays - Meredith

Equipment List

A list of necessary equipment, which takes readers to a blog post where it is all spelled out.

While it's not about 'stuff', you'll be glad for a sturdy pair of boots and a waterproof jacket.

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The lands we use

Something here about public and private lands we use?  commitment to no trace camping, relationship with first nations?  Maybe info on indigenous history of school's  basecamps?  Could include mention of Grandpa Ramon who gave permission to S&M back in the day... possibly the dreaming of a land use fee to support indian nations...

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To attend a program, you need to fill out the Lost Borders Health Questionnaire and Liability Form PDF.

Please fill the form out online and bring a hard copy with you to the program.  We will ask you to sign the form after reviewing your information on the first day of the program.

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Something about inclusivity - in regards to race, gender, class, able bodiedness.......


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