BIPOC Mirroring Training: Reflecting BIPOC Stories through Nature and Belonging


Jul 27th, 2024 - Aug 3rd, 2024 | Wild Mountain, Colorado | Ruth “Roo” Wharton, Praveen Mantena

This program is run by Wild Mountain Retreats and bookable direct on their website

This program is open to all who identify as Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC). Many of whom have often expressed not feeling welcome, seen, or a true sense of belonging in nature based programs. Such programs have usually been led by white guides, attract similarly white participants, and have not been adapted to the vitality and needs of racial, cultural, and gender diversity. Much is lost in the intentions of these programs without the voices, leadership, and inclusivity of such profound perspectives and experiences.

Gathering with a supportive group of BIPOC Guides is an opportunity to feel deep connection and belonging with each other and nature. Nature both reflects and celebrates the full spectrum of our intersecting identities. Sharing our stories and receiving mirroring can transform trauma and separation into healing and liberation. This is a place to be seen and heard in our fullness and to celebrate the value our unique identities bring to the world. In this training, you will learn to listen and tell from the full spectrum of your BIPOC experience and offer your presence, experience, and wisdom as a gift to others.

Our stories will come from our time on the land. We will practice this ancient art by going intentionally onto the land alone. This intentional practice, and the deep listening that follows, naturally leads us to the wisdom to go beyond ourselves. Those of us who work with people, especially BIPOC and mixed race groups, must know how to listen and respond to diverse stories of pain, trauma, belonging, celebration, and resilience. Deep witnessing and mirroring can support us all to create a life that is deeper, richer, and that brings forth collective liberation for all humans and the earth.

During this week you will experience deep connection with the land and find your own unique way in the art of listening and mirroring.  This is a powerful individual and collective BIPOC experience that will deeply and positively affect your soul and the work you bring to the world! The practice of mirroring can be adapted to many settings and groups and deeply enrich your work and community.

This training is part of a series of trainings with the call to empower BIPOC guides in leadership for nature based programing. The training is taught by Praveen Mantena and Ruth Wharton who bring with them decades of guiding and training experience and are dedicated to empowering BIPOC guides into leadership.

Please note that this is a training. As such our request and expectation of you is you show up with a learner’s mindset and are agreeing to participate in the daily nature-based walks to be able to really share your stories from these experiences and mirror those of others each day. While nature, ceremony, and land will be ultimate teacher in this regard, we the guides will also be teaching you everything we know to serve your learning of this beautiful practice. If you are unsure about being trained in this practice and your own commitment of what is expected as a trainee each day, please reach out to us to confirm if this is the right commitment for you.

Covid Protocol:
We ask that all participants take a Covid test within 48 hours of this program. If you have any questions please contact us.

To secure a spot in the training a nonrefundable deposit of $100 is required as well as submitting forms. You will also be asked to write a letter explaining why you are drawn to this training as well as what transitions or personal process you are currently facing.

Donation Based:
Our aim is to make this training accessible. Please give what you are able recognizing the time and resources that go into providing this offering. If you are able to give generously, that helps us provide more opportunities for others.

All proceeds from this training go back to providing resources specifically for BIPOC to join future trainings and programs. If you are in need additional funds to participate, please contact Wild Mountain Retreats regarding our BIPOC access fund.

Registration or Questions:  [email protected]

This program is run by Wild Mountain Retreats and bookable direct on their website


Additional course details & Materials


Please plan to arrive by 4pm on July 27th. We will plan to end no later than 3pm on August 3rd. Before making travel plans, please communicate with Roo so you won’t miss any important time on the land or with the group. More logistical information will be sent once you register for the program.  Extra equipment is available, so please ask if you are in need of anything.

You will be responsible for bringing your own food and equipment, though we can provide some gear if needed. We ask everyone to come prepared to live self-sufficiently. You will need to bring shelter and clothing suitable for a full range of inclement weather. 

To address safety concerns during the pandemic, please contact us regarding our current Coronavirus protocols as well as any current travel restrictions. These protocols may affect how you are able to travel to the program. Please note: As of May 2023 there are no longer any vaccination requirements for international travellers seeking entry to the USA.

All participants must submit the required health questionnaire and liability form.

If you have questions about the enrollment process contact us at [email protected] or call 760-938-3333.

Wild Mountain is land of the Tabeguache Ute people and other Indigenous tribes who traveled through this area of the Colorado Rockies. The Ute lived and hunted in this abundant land of elk, buffalo, deer, and bear before white settlers came and forced them onto reservations in southwest Colorado and Utah.

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