Musical Musings from the 2022 Month Long Training

2022 ML

A gorgeous collection of new and covered songs from the 2022 Month Long guide training, recorded by Kevin Spindler and Julia Ferguson.

Heart-full, soulful and muse-filled listening!


“In The Night Of Your Soul”- a song inspired by the village of the Lost Borders Month-Long Training and the beautiful Inyo Mountains,  by Shae Keane:


“I Am At The Center” by Month Long Trainee, Leslie Beach:


Others delicious songs/poems as sung by the Month Long:

“I’m a Wild One” by Sage Stanzler


“I Don’t Know” by UK community choir director and composer Helen Yeomans


“I Will Be Your Home”


We have credited these songs to their original authors as best we can; yet some of these songs are happily roaming free around the world, sharing themselves widely!  If you know of any further credits please do tell us and we will update accordingly.

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