CO Late Fall Vision Fast (October)


Oct 4th, 2022 - Oct 16th, 2022 | Wild Mountain, Colorado | Pedro McMillan, Kelly McClelland

As the leaves change, a different way of life is tugging at your heart. A new story is begging to be told. And your gifts are longing to be shared with the world.

Marking life passages allows you to release what no longer serves you and fully embrace all of who you are. As you spend time alone, in a wild place on the earth, something deep in your bones is revived – a call you have been longing to answer. 

It is time to nurture your aliveness, live in reciprocity, and in harmony with the Earth, yourself, and one another. 

This initiatory time can transform your life and allow you to emerge with a new story. The one that is begging to be told. 

You will have the opportunity to share this story and to be witnessed by community amongst the stunning Fall aspen leaves in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This experience can cultivate belonging and meaning in your life and invites you to show up fully as the valuable human being you are. 

Program Overview:  This eleven-day initiatory program is divided into three sections; severance, threshold time, and incorporation.  

Once you commit to coming, the severance process begins where you sever from the life you have lived in order to step into the life of who you truly are now. You physically leave home, but the psyche also severs from the old during this time. The first days of the program are a time of physical separation from your daily life, psychological preparation, and setting the intention for your solo time. 

The threshold time is your solo time of four days and nights on the land to mark your own life passage(s). This is the liminal space for you to deal with the past, let go of what no longer serves, and celebrate all of who you are now. Base camp will be held not far from your solo spot and you will have a ‘buddy’ to ensure both your and their wellbeing each day.

The days spent after your solo time are the beginning part of the incorporation process. You are invited to share the story of your solo and be witnessed in the community of the group. The guides will reflect or ‘mirror’ your story back to you and the gifts you bring to this new phase of life. Finally, we will prepare you to carry your story, your gifts and yourself back into the world where your incorporation process will continue to unfold over the year ahead.

Program Questions Contact: Pedro McMillan at [email protected]

***Please note: We require that all participants have up to date Covid vaccinations to participate in this program.


TUITION: $850 - $2,550

We have a sliding scale for our programs in an effort to make them accessible. Please pay what you are able and know that your generosity supports the affordability of all our programs. If you need financial support or a payment plan check out our scholarship fund.

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We encourage people to arrive late afternoon on October 4th. The group will then come together for its first meeting the next morning on October 5th. We will complete our ceremony mid-afternoon on October 16th. More logistical info will be sent when you register for the program.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Camping Fee $80. All additional fees will be collected at the time of the program.

You will be responsible for bringing your own food and equipment, though we can provide some gear if needed. We ask everyone to come prepared to live self-sufficiently. You will need to bring shelter and clothing suitable for a full range of inclement weather. 

To address safety concerns during the pandemic, please contact us regarding our current Coronavirus protocols as well as any current travel restrictions. These protocols may affect how you are able to travel to the program. Please note: As of November 2021, unvaccinated international travelers are not currently permitted entry to the USA as per current CDC Guidelines.

All participants must submit the required health questionnaire and liability form.

If you have questions about the enrollment process contact us at [email protected] or call 760-938-3333.

Wild Mountain is land of the Tabeguache Ute people and other Indigenous tribes who traveled through this area of the Colorado Rockies. The Ute lived and hunted in this abundant land of elk, buffalo, deer, and bear before white settlers came and forced them onto reservations in southwest Colorado and Utah.

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