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The interest in modern Rites of Passage has increased immensely in the last decade.  Something here about how to center our bare bones, how to offer tools for those who are interested in or already offering this work.  That these are resources in line with SOLB, and a wink to Journal page at the end, which is more free low, more direct experience, more  story oriented.

something like: In this section you will find Articles, Publications, Interviews, Academic Papers and Videos relevant to Vision Fasts, Training, The Practice of Living & Dying, Self-Generated Ceremony and Eco-psychology.


Musical Musings from the 2022 Month Long Training

By SOLB Contributor

A gorgeous collection of new and covered songs from the 2022 Month Long guide training, recorded by Kevin Spindler and Julia Ferguson. Heart-full, soulful and muse-filled listening!   “In The Night Of Your Soul”- a song inspired by the village of the Lost Borders Month-Long Training and the beautiful Inyo Mountains,  by Shae Keane:  …

Earth Exchange Café: Meredith Little Foster- Dying and Living Well

By Meredith Little

Meredith Little Foster musing all about dying and how living is enhanced by turning towards, rather than away from that as a tricky and tender topic.