Teaching Rites of Passage for 35 Years

Desert Flowering

Arriving in the sacred Inyo Mountains I am greeted by an unexpected profusion of wildflowers.  A sea of purle, pink, yellow and red, scattered beneath the pinion pine and junipers.  A testament to the hidden ferticility held deeply in this dry place.

As we come togther in community of people and land, I dig into the dry places whin my soul.  The flowers guides me, I follow their lead.  Some days I draw one, determined to learn its name and the bones of shape, colour, form.  Mountain larkspur, wild heliotrope, segolily - my companions.

Coming of Age in Changing Times – A Quest for Young Adults (Recommended Ages: 17 - 25)

Jul 31st, 2017 - Aug 10th, 2017

 Nearly every culture on the planet shows evidence of a ceremonial marking of the passage from youth to adulthood, undertaken consciously and witnessed by the community. Without such acknowledgement from adults, how do young people know they have in fact crossed over into a new life-stage? And what happens to young people who grow physically into adulthood, but are never initiated, never honored in their new roles?

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