Teaching Rites of Passage for 35 Years

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 In this video clip, Meredith, who founded the School with her husband Steven, speaks to how the daily turning into life, with all of its sorrows and joys is the essence of Rites of Passage and the nature of our living and dying. 

CO Summer Vision Fast

Aug 2nd, 2015 - Aug 13th, 2015
Southern Colorado
The Vision Fast:  Today in our fast paced culture we can easily miss the call to our wildness.  Spending time alone in a wild place on the earth will revive something deep in your bones- a call that part of you has been longing to answer.  The vision fast answers that call and provides your place on the earth.  Your time alone in nature awakens that wildness and brings clarity and purpose back into your life.

Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature: The Art of Story Telling and Listening

Sep 20th, 2015 - Sep 25th, 2015

Telling one’s own story is an ancient art. Nowadays, we have forgotten how to listen and how to tell. Yet the very survival of our species depends on our ability to communicate with each other in such ways as to be mutually enriched by the telling and the listening. If we cannot tell with expression, our life is mute. If we cannot listen like a mirror, we cannot reflect back the wholeness of the four shields -- the body, soul, mind and spirit of the teller.