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Once Again, We’re Calling Together Circles

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, The School has been tracking closely all federal, state and county regulations to see when it might be possible to offer programs again. With considerable grief, we made the hard decision, program by program, to cancel all offerings in April, May and June. We used those fallow months instead to do extensive work to create “Backcountry Protocols” that would support doing our wilderness work as safely as possible.

Finally, we again are bringing groups into the wilderness!

 Our first two programs since the start of the pandemic: Ruth Wharton and Pedro McMillan co-leading a shortened, three-week version of the month-long training in Colorado in mid-July. And then Betsy Perluss and Scott Eberle co-guiding the summer vision in California late July. 

Visit our schedule page for the latest information about programs in the coming months:

Schedule | School of Lost Borders

Admittedly, the offerings are limited, as some programs have been cancelled, and others are listed as “full with a waiting list”. We are actively discussing if and how we can expand offerings and will send out more information to our School community as we know it.

[Read a full report from the School’s Coronavirus Response Council]


The School’s Solidarity Statement

(Released 7/9/20)

In this time when a health pandemic sits as the backdrop to a mighty upsurge of action and awareness around the centuries of violent oppression of Black, Brown, Indigenous and other People of Color -- our hearts and minds are with the grief and anger for the ongoing suffering of marginalized and oppressed people. The call to dismantle the systems of oppression this country was founded upon has echoed for generations, and our hope is that the time has finally come for structural change.

[Read the entire Solidarity Statement]