Fall 2019 – The Power of Seeds

The winds of climate change are blowing hard. Fires were burning out of control north, and south of our headquarters in the past two weeks. Many of our friends and some of our guides in threatened areas were evacuated, and our prayers have been with everyone, human and more than human, in the affected areas!
As the weather is calming, firefighters are making headway in containment, and residents are returning to their homes, we want to share our fall newsletter with you, which focuses on the many ways the ceremony is blossoming beyond our borders.
Beyond the small scope of the school’s core curriculum, the magic of the ceremony is flowing into the world through the hearts and hands of many amazing individuals. It shows up in poetry, parenting, relationships, and art. It transforms workplaces, schools, and organizations. It leads us to what we most deeply yearn for, and are at the same time terrified to find, the places where our particular need meets the need of the world.

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