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Fall Newsletter 2020

By Lost Borders | November 23, 2020 |

The Experiment of Lost Borders – By Sara Harris Once upon a time there were two people. Both had big minds, huge souls, and an even bigger hunger that they shared. The desert called their names and they answered. They first took kids over the Sierras at night in a big school bus. There were no…

Transitions – A Letter from Petra Lentz-Snow

By Lost Borders | October 2, 2020 |

Dear Friends with Lost Borders, For a number of years I’ve been the voice behind many of the Lost Borders emails that you’ve received. But this is no longer so. On July 1, I retired from the administration, following my beloved, Joseph (Angelo) Lazenka, into the realm of “have-beens”. Looking back, it’s hard to believe…

Summer 2020 – Solidarity

By Lost Borders | June 4, 2020 |

In this time when a health pandemic sits as the backdrop to a mighty upsurge of action and awareness around the centuries of violent oppression of Black, Brown, Indigenous and other People of Color — our hearts and minds are with the grief and anger for the ongoing suffering of marginalized and oppressed people. The…

Spring 2020 – Threshold

By Andrea Palframan | May 4, 2020 |

Returning from ceremonies in Death Valley in March, a few of our guides walked back into the strange new world of the novel pandemic, all too familiar to us now, six weeks in. Within days the school had to cancel the April Vision Fast, and inform the brave folks, who’s compelling letters of intent had already…

Fall 2019 – The Power of Seeds

By Andrea Palframan | September 11, 2019 |

The winds of climate change are blowing hard. Fires were burning out of control north, and south of our headquarters in the past two weeks. Many of our friends and some of our guides in threatened areas were evacuated, and our prayers have been with everyone, human and more than human, in the affected areas!…

Summer 2019 – In Celebration of Summer

By Andrea Palframan | June 11, 2019 |

We are so grateful for a long good spring on the Eastern Side of the Sierra with some rains lingering into late May. Everything is a lot greener than usual and there is still snow in the mountains. It would be hard to believe that we are already at the peak of summer….. well, if…

Winter 2018 – Solstice

By Lost Borders | December 21, 2018 |

Solstice. The Owen’s Valley is cold and quiet. The sun will set at 4:47pm this afternoon, but it will already sink behind the crest of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains around 3:30pm and quicken the pace of those still venturing about on the trail. The cold has a way of coming on fast once that…

The School



The School of Lost Borders offers vision fast and rites of passage training which cultivate self-trust, responsibility, and understanding about ones' unique place within society and the natural world. Its programs provide guided opportunities, perspectives, teachings, and much needed self-reflection time in a non-judgmental yet challenging environment.



We began way back when, in the days when revolution was in the air, when rock and roll was filled with protest and the young were sticking flowers in the gun barrels of National Guardsmen. Even then, the answer to the dilemma of culture was clear:  True revolution would never come about until the children remembered the way to get to adulthood - and the adults to true elderhood - and the elders to honorable death.

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Our Way with Money: To speak of money is an exercise in humility. We need money to survive, to eat, to feel secure and cared for, and yet, money carries the weight of many shadows – greed, consumerism, and commodification. Living in a culture where wealth often equates with power, where those with less are viewed as less than, and where shrewdness is valued over relationship, this comes as no surprise.

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