Summer 2019 – In Celebration of Summer

We are so grateful for a long good spring on the Eastern Side of the Sierra with some rains lingering into late May. Everything is a lot greener than usual and there is still snow in the mountains. It would be hard to believe that we are already at the peak of summer….. well, if it wasn’t for four programs happening simultaneously at this very moment, that is.
In Colorado, the Diamond in the Rough course and the Mirroring Training are underway and here in Big Pine the CA month-long training has just begun up in the Inyo’s. Also underway in the valley is this year’s Global Program, led by a dear friend from Switzerland.
In honor of solstice, we want to simply offer a few gifts of the ceremony today, celebrating all the amazing people who have ventured into the threshold and mustered the courage to bring their insights back and their love for this life forward.

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