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School of Lost Borders

Over 40 years of bringing meaningful rites of passage into the modern world through vision fasts, trainings, and transformative nature-based programs.

Cross into the natural world to mark and celebrate significant life transitions.


Learn how to guide rites of passage and support your community.


Remember the ancient wisdom of living and dying in connection with the natural world.


Integrate ceremony and nature-based practices into everyday life and work.

Your generosity helps make our work accessible to all who are called to our programs. It also supports the ongoing legacy and sustainability of the School of Lost Borders. 2021 has been a potent year, and the pandemic underscored the importance of connecting with the land and each other during this time.  Although we offered as many programs as we could, we lost income due to Covid-19 which impacted our available scholarship funds.  Our dream is that all who wish to participate are able.

We humbly ask for you to consider making a donation to the School in order to help us meet the needs of the times ahead.

The renewal of meaningful, modern day rites of passage are essential for the health of ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

CA Month-Long Training

Jun 15 - Jul 17, 2022 Inyo Mountains - Big Pine, California Betsy Perluss, Larry Hobbs, Angelo Joseph Lazenka, Petra Lentz-Snow, Will Scott, Meredith Little Training

The month-long intensive is designed for those who seek to explore and develop their vocation as wilderness guides within the tradition of the School of Lost Borders. Participants are given the ...

Transforming Ancestral Trauma through Nature, Ritual, and Community

Jul 3 - Jul 9, 2022 Wild Mountain, Colorado Nancy Jane, Bettina Straub Living the Practices

When we heal our roots, we open up new possibilities for our future. --Thomas Hubl This program provides an opportunity to consciously explore how the shadows of the past remain undigested in our ...

The Four Shields of Wholeness for Women

Jul 17 - Jul 23, 2022 Los Padres National Forest, CA Petra Lentz-Snow, Gretchen (Grae) Gerlach Training

Patrilinear hierarchical systems have pushed life on earth to the raw edge of social and ecological sustainability. Many of us feel the global crisis reverberating acutely in our own bodies, in the ...

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" We began way back when, in the days when revolution was in the air, when rock and roll was filled with protest and the young were sticking flowers in the gun barrels of National Guardsmen. Even then, the answer to the dilemma of culture was clear: True revolution would never come about until the children remembered the way to get to adulthood - and the adults to true elderhood - and the elders to honorable death..."