We offer both two week and month long training sessions for vision fast guides. In addition, we offer related training in the Four Shields and in Mirroring and Storytelling.

Vision Fast Training

Intensives are designed for those who seek training and inspiration in the ever-widening subject matter of wilderness-oriented experience/therapy. They involve the whole person: body, soul, mind, and spirit, and are not for the faint-of-heart. Each course requires a unique commitment. As a prerequisite for the 2 week and month long trainings, it is recommended that the trainee has participated in a facilitated 3-4 day wilderness solo experience.  Four Shields and Mirroring & Storytelling courses have been practical trainings at Lost Borders for many years and do not require any previous solo experience.


Two Week Training


This experiential training is an opportunity to fully participate in and receive training specific to a wilderness rite of passage, known as a Vision Fast.Throughout the training you will learn ways to guide others through this process focusing on council, physical and emotional preparation, intention setting, supporting self generated ceremony, mirroring, and incorporation. There will also be discussions on applying rites of passage to diverse settings.


Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature


Telling one’s own story is an ancient art. Nowadays, we have forgotten how to listen and how to tell. Yet the very survival of our species depends on our ability to communicate with each other in such ways as to be mutually enriched by the telling and the listening. If we cannot tell with expression, our life is mute. If we cannot listen like a mirror, we cannot reflect back the wholeness of the four shields -- the body, soul, mind and spirit of the teller.  A five to six day training alternating solo time on the land with time in the circle, this course is open to anyone who wants to deepen their skills in the mythopoetic.


Month Long Training


For more than thirty-five years, the School of Lost Borders has offered a unique training for students, therapists, teachers, caregivers, and guides interested in deepening their understanding of rites of passage and initiatory ecotherapies. While its focus is wilderness rites of passage, this training has also supported professionals in many areas, including those who work primarily in offices, classrooms, and other “front-country” venues. Through this training, the School has contributed to the fields of nature-based personal growth, wilderness therapy, and ecopsychology.


18-Month Immersion

The School, for decades, has offered month-long immersions. However, as many of us know, the return voyage home can sometimes be the hardest. This then is a new offering born out of an older way of being in community - of coming together, not only during the time of the falling leaves, but, also at a time when the leaves are budding anew. To share, in community, over multiple seasons, the trials and tribulations, the boons and blessings, when we return to our places of origin again and again-- of what follows when we receive not only the clarity of who we are and who we are not but also the courage for living out what we have been given. The Rites of Passage Ceremonial Immersion arcs around five ceremonies - the number five referring to the four shields that we have the capacity to grow into, and the fifth that is born when we have access to all four shields and thus a more embodied wholeness. 

Vision Fast Training